TV show

Wineman got a tv show, road movie look, in which you will find out different landscape, cultures, people and wine world.

Wineman encourages audience to visit wine and cellars, having the opportunity to get to know all the secrets, people, method of preparation of the region and why were they picked up.

They also will learn, from the very vineyard to the glass, that a succesful reason in a place, can and will be a failure in another one. During the episode, we will get to know many people, famous and anonymous people. But all of them, great people in the wine world.

The whole series air in different channels in Spain, among them you can find CANAL VIAJAR and ETB. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out the upcoming broadcast. The season 5 will be on CANAL VIAJAR as of September 2019.

Wineman is also in other countries: Channel 13 of Chile, 24Kitchen Portugal and several airline companies.
The distribution of wineman in the international market is made through Albatros Worldsales.


Available in:

Madrid – Booking and tastint

Madrid – Saint Cecilia

Alicante – Tasting School

Alicante – Chalk and Flower

Donostia – Essencia Wine bar

Vitoria – Vinosfera

Guadalajara – Valentín Moreno