Season 1

In this season we see the most extreme contrasts of grapevine cultivation. We share a meal and a drink with Carlos Falcó, the first person to drip irrigate a vineyard in the world, in the parched lands of Castilla-La Mancha. We also discover the limits of vineyard cultivation in the Basque Country on the Cantabrian coast, where Carlos Arguiñano speaks to us of the Txakoli, and we learn what we have to do to avoid excess humidity.
We are impressed by the opulence and class of Bordeaux’ Left Bank, where fortunately not all wines are expensive. We dive deep into the history of Roman wine in the solemn Right Bank, where we enjoy the company of Pascal Delbeck, the philosopher of Saint-Émilion.

And if that were not enough, we travel to the north of Portugal to see how they make the wines with the lowest and highest alcoholic content in the world, in an area protected from the Atlantic rains by the natural barrier of the Serra do Marão mountain range.

Episode index
Episode 1. Carlos Falcó, the Last Knight of La Mancha.
Episode 2. Txakolí.
Episode 3. Vinho verde.
Episode 4. Oporto.
Episode 5. Bordeaux Left Bank.
Episode 6. Bordeaux Right Bank.

Episode 1. Carlos Falcó, the Last Knight of La Mancha

Episode 2. Txakolí

Episode 3. Vinho verde

Episode 4. Oporto

Episode 5. Bordeaux Left Bank

Episode 6. Bordeaux Right Bank